Letting Go/Letting Come

One recurring theme in our discussion at Conversation 2011 was the notion of letting go and letting come. For many of us, C. Otto Scharmer’s Theory U — and his conversation with Master Nan from The Seven Meditative Spaces of Leadership–provides a valuable lens through which to see the work of what he calls presencing and creating a catalyst for social change. Working down the left side of the U is the necessary path of letting go and achieving greater clarity before being able to travel the right side of the U with greater courage and creativity.

7 Stages of the U

A large part of our dialogue reflects our efforts—unconsciously perhaps—to free ourselves from the need for certainty or an expectation of clarity around what 2030 might look and feel like. We recognize—and celebrate—that the future is now. We recognize—and celebrate—that we have a responsibility to act in ways that helps shape the future we want to see.

One returning participant reflected early about his desire to return to this 2011 gathering, viewing it as a place/time to be with what he described as “nutritious people”—people who fill him with sustaining and enriching thoughts and ideas. As a group, we returned to this idea repeatedly, recognizing for each of us the need to get clear about the source of your “nutrition,” understanding that some of our work and living environments neither nourish nor sustain us. This may be part of the “letting go.”