Authentic Cross-Boundary Collaboration and Creating Flexible Networks

We view boundaries not as barriers but the places where neighbors meet and where discovery begins. We believe the future will increasingly reward those who find “openings” along the boundaries of organizations, communities, and sectors in order to pursue societal change and to focus the leverage that philanthropy provides. Being authentic throughout means letting go of the myth of control. It means navigating through change, risk, uncertainty and loss as you look for the opportunities and the sought after impact.

In the future we envision, individuals and organizations will converge to achieve bigger results (than they could if only acting alone), then ultimately disperse to converge again with different individuals and organizations. Movement in this direction will pull leaders to think and act organizationally and individually as one member of a constantly evolving network.

Cross-boundary/cross-sector collaboration (for-profit, not-for-profit, public) will become commonplace in this future.  We will move further away from the common (Western?) sense of competition in everything to flexible networks among those interested in sparking some big “shift” toward human and planet well-being; where private, not-for-profit, and public entities push for purpose and profit, to make us better people on a sacred and saved planet. Individual leaders who move in this direction will operate from a deep sense of trust and presence, courage, creativity, and reciprocity—all while honoring the legacy of their own history and evolution. Doing so becomes a constant reminder of the power of relationships—interrelationships—as the currency of commerce and change.