Planning Means Asking the Right Questions

Planning is a mindset and a discipline. There are many effective approaches and techniques to frame your planning dialogue. More important than the technique employed is your  willingness to ask and answer really hard questions. Following are a few questions that can be applied to individual programs, entire departments, and entire organizations.

  • What do we have to do to create opportunity for everybody to participate in this community in a whole/healthy way?
  • How do we live our vision so that it is a reflection of our attention and our intention and not just beautiful narrative?
  • What should we be doing for the next 20-30 years?
  • What is the question that we’ve never asked ourselves and how do we address it in a way that provokes the very future we say we aspire to bring about?
  • How will we go about raising assets in a model that reflects the intention of mission, vision, and signature programs?
  • How do we orchestrate a new conversation with our community and go about a new approach to resource development that models this vision?

These questions are not intended to be comprehensive yet they will evoke great discussion and–hopefully–some new perspectives on old issues.

Have at it!