Images of Possibility vs. Predictions

At Conversation 2011, we began to articulate new images of possibility—more of the future we believe is trying to emerge. The visual image of people working at round tables became a metaphor for thinking and acting in new ways. With no “head” of any table, all voices were important and the stories each brings are powerful and must be held gently.

These images are born of some fundamentally valuable compass points (ideals) of integrity, respect, dignity and freedom – ideals that few would intellectually argue against, yet all too often recognize are buried by metrics, science, and technique because “we don’t have time for that” now.

We must be willing to walk into the disruptions we see on the horizon. So much personal and organizational energy and resources are consumed—often unconsciously—trying to prevent these disturbances to our status quo. We envision that there are strong forces pushing at us (as if in some downward representation in the graphic below) while concurrently there are many other forces pulling us. Where and how these forces intersect creates a punch, a breakthrough, an opening for change. Unless we are willing to be disturbed, we will miss moments of opportunity for even greater impact.

Disruptive Push Pulls