Deepening Our Own Learning Resilience

As in every previous gathering, Conversation 2011 participants recognize our adaptability our focus on what we must learn and what we must do. Learning takes times and takes many forms. Sometimes it is intentional and purposeful; other times it is situational and sporadic. Learning resilience is a byproduct of an open mind, an open heart, and open will.

We see the power of asking ourselves, “What do I need to learn (and/or do) now to shape the future at each of the four levels we outlined?” There is a shared sense among us that we see our own responsibility in all of this. Being authentic—not just trying to be—authentic is an important distinction. Increasingly, our work may be in: a) modeling the language and behavior we want others to emulate; b) asking bigger questions more often…What’s the opportunity to impact the bigger global context (vision)?; and c) working to evoke healing in people – symbolized by what one participant shared he’d learned recently from a Masai person working with his organization. This person translated a traditional Masai greeting into English, where it means “nourish me with your words.” Can you imagine if each of us spoke only that which nourished others with our words?