Resilience is a hot and important topic, so after reading one very flattering review of Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back (by Andrew Zolli and Ann Marie Healy, 2012),I was pumped to purchase this book. Sadly, some really strong insights about the nature of resilience require the reader to slog through too many stories designed to exemplify the points. Chapters one (Robust, Yet Fragile), eight (The Translational Leader), and nine (Bringing Resilience Home) are the heart of this book. The rest is storytelling. I’m fully conscious of the need to amplify and provide real world evidence of the author’s conclusions. Yet, these authors went a bit too far in their story telling. Some of the stories they tell are interesting; others not so much. Their editor should have reined them in a bit. Doing so would have produced a book of even greater value to the reader.

Despite this reaction, we’re all going to need to get far more knowledgeable (and comfortable) with our study and understanding of resilience. The inevitable surprises of life (as individuals, organizations, communities, and nations) requires a greater learned ability to be adaptive. Looking forward to your suggestions of resources on this topic. My list of related readings is growing daily.