Awake in the World

I found the following in my morning stream and thought it applicable to how I’m readying my mind for Conversation. I find myself thinking at times that I am fully “awake” in the world. If truth be told, however, I’m more often “focused” rather than truly “awake.” I may salve my conscience by rationalizing that my work and my attitude of engagement is enough to be fully “awake.” Messages like this help me remember that the “awakening” doesn’t end with me. Messages like this make me ask myself whether I’m truly “awake” to what is trying to emerge and unfold in society around me….and if I’m truly “awake” to that realization, how will I be in this world? What will I do? What generosity is required of me?

Hope it resonates with you.

“The path of personal transformation and the path of social transformation are not really separate from each other. We must reclaim the concept of awakening from an exclusively individualistic therapeutic model and focus on how individual liberation also requires social transformation. Engagement in the world is how our personal awakening blossoms.” – David Loy, “Awakening in the Age of Climate Change”

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