The Source of My Nutrition

What we believe, we become. That which we feed our subconscious minds becomes our language and behavior. So when I think about being intentional about my work I’ve got to focus on what I’m feeding my soul. What am I reading? With whom do I surround myself? Are my professional endeavors life- and energy-affirming or are they draining me (despite the corresponding monetary reward or public recognition)? These are the questions that I think about a lot. Personally, I draw energy and great personal benefit from my professional life and from developing and hosting GHC Conversations. Relationships are central to my personal satisfaction. Therefore, I seek to engage in my client work and in sustaining Conversation as a key source of what is nutritious to me.
Helpful to me decades ago was my learning about the relationship of the subconscious mind to the conscious. I came to recognize that it is my subconscious mind that is the source of my words and deeds. I became aware of the torrents of poison that I had been feeding my unconscious mind through a variety of self-limiting inner talk, dinged self-esteem, and recurring doubt and worry. While I can’t eliminate all the “chatter,” I found that I can choose what and when to cancel the inputs and replace it with nutritious fare for my subconscious mind. Now, nearly 30 years after learning these helpful constructs, I’m now opening myself to meditation, which will become another source of nutrition. “Meditation becomes both a refuge and a training: a refuge into being, and a training into doing.”1
1Martine Batchelor, “A Refuge Into Being.” Tricycle Daily Dharma, February 8, 2014.


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