Teaming with Counsel

In this 4th of four related posts on the alternative of a staff-led campaign feasibility study, let’s take a minute to look at the role of counsel as partner in the process.

Making the decision to conduct a staff-led feasibility study does not demand that the organization’s staff go it completely alone. While the greatest organizational benefit comes from having development staff conduct interviews, there are three points in the entire study process at which experienced campaign counsel can add value. The stronger your familiarity and trust relationship with counsel, the better to leverage their targeted involvement.

Study design: Counsel can assist in developing the process and materials for the interview phase. This would include developing the participant selection criteria, the case/briefing document, the interview guide, and the scale of giving.

Training interviewers or interviewing: Your staff’s confidence may increase if the interview team has been trained by professional campaign counsel to conduct the interviews. You may desire to have counsel conduct some of the interviews so as to foster first-hand knowledge of the findings, especially if counsel is to be subsequently involved.

Analysis and strategy development: You may desire to have counsel assist with or completely handle all data transfer, content analysis, and development of study conclusions, including recommendations for implementation strategies.

By developing your objectives and plan for the study, you will be in a position to consider whether and when it is preferable to team with outside counsel in conducting the feasibility study.

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