Overcoming Deeply Entrenched Training and Mindsets

One emerging and growing influence that I see in my health care philanthropy work requires a pervasive mindset shift from what has traditionally been a need-based fundraising case (aka, sales approach) to one of a value-proven/community asset/investment-worthy mindset and message. While your plan may be sound and solid, if you’re not careful (and very attentive), you could unconsciously become focused on tactical steps that are built on a fundraising business model that is becoming increasingly misaligned with an environment of national reform and accountable care and the pervasive public perception of hospitals as big, profitable businesses. The “need” message, however artfully crafted, won’t gain much traction in the future. The tactics built around that message will likewise falter.

So here’s the more troubling part….there’s NOTHING new in this message. It’s hard to change what’s deeply ingrained. One must put one’s attention in alignment with one’s intention; namely, shifting the way we think about the work and the exchange relationship. What are you reading now that’s different from before? Who should you be in conversation with that disrupts your thought patterns and comfort zones enough to see things through a new prism? Are you assertively carving time into your schedule to take deep dives into thoughtful exploration of these questions?

The change begins at home. Here’s hoping you’ll have the courage to step off the treadmill long enough to reward yourself with the pursuit of your own shift.

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